Claiming your refund

On your departure from Ireland, there are 2 ways to receive your VAT/Sales Tax refund:


Departing from Dublin, Cork or Shannon airport


Departing from another port or when you get home



Present your FEXCO HORIZON Card at the FEXCO Tax Free Refund Desks or kiosks in the departure areas of both Dublin and Shannon airport or the kiosk at Cork airport. Please have your passport number, boarding card and credit card details ready when for viewing at the desk.

Dublin Terminal 2 Location

FEXCO office and 24hr kiosks

There are 3 self service kiosks positioned in the departures area of T2, follow generic signage to VAT RETURNS

Dublin Airport

Dublin Terminal 1 Kiosk Location

A FEXCO self service kiosk is positioned in Pier B, towards gates 301 – 313, adjacent to the Dixon retail unit.

Shannon Airport Location

FEXCO office and 24hr kiosks

Shannon Aiport

Cork Airport Location

FEXCO office and 24hr kiosks

Cork Airport


DEPARTING FROM another Port or don’t have time to leave your documents with us

  • 1. Firstly make sure you have registered your FEXCO HORIZON Card and completed all the requested information.
  • 2. Click the “Claim your Refund” button below and complete the requested information.
  • 3. A report (in a PDF format) of all your transactions will be emailed to the email address you specified when you registered your card.
  • 4. Print this report and have it stamped by one of the following:
    • a. Notary Public
    • b. Justice of the Peace
    • c. Police Officer—badge number and precinct address must be included.This is requested as proof that the goods were exported from the EU.
    • d. Commissioner for Oaths.
  • 5. Mail the stamped report to the following address:

FEXCO Tax Free,
Spiddal Industrial Estate,
Co. Galway,

Please Note:

  • Scanned or emailed copies of the PDF report cannot be accepted.
  • Once FEXCO Tax Free receives your documents, you can expect your refund to appear on your credit card statement within 4 to 6 weeks.
  • FEXCO Tax Free advises that you keep a record of your HORIZON Card number.

Registering your FEXCO HORIZON Card does not mean you have claimed your VAT refund. VAT refunds can only be claimed on day of departure or afterwards.

When you use a Horizon Card, some stores will INSTANTLY discount the VAT.

If you don’t complete your claim within 30 days of leaving Ireland you will be charged for any VAT you were discounted in-store. Find out more

purchases €2,000 or over

If a single purchase exceeds €2,000, you must have Customs verification prior to departure.

If this is the case, then please leave sufficient time to visit the Customs desk prior to visiting the FEXCO Tax Free Refund Desk or kiosk as each item must be presented to Customs, along with the receipt, before any VAT refund can be approved. A Customs phone is available in the arrivals hall at Dublin Airport Terminal 2 next to the Information desk or ask one of our friendly staff for assistance at the departures hall desk in Shannon airport and Terminal 2 at Dublin airport.

If you require a printed copy of your transactions and have used the FEXCO HORIZON Card, the FEXCO Tax Free Refund Desk or kiosk at Dublin and Shannon or the kiosk at Cork airport can print a copy of your transactions, which can be stamped by Customs on inspection of the goods.

In the event that the FEXCO Tax Free Refund Desks at Dublin and Shannon airport are closed, please use the kiosks located in front of the desks. Alternatively, envelopes are available outside the desks. Please complete ALL requested information on the envelope, enclose the HORIZON Card and place in the post box provided. It is a good idea to take note of the FEXCO HORIZON Card number for future reference.

What happens if I visit other eU countries before leaving the EU?

In order for a VAT refund to be authorised, Customs must be satisfied that you have complied with the conditions of the Retail Export Scheme. This should be certified at the final point of departure from the EU (European Union), which may not be the country where the goods were purchased.

If Ireland is not the last point of departure from the EU, Irish Customs Officers will certify a refund of VAT for goods purchased in Ireland subject to evidence that you have a ticket for a destination outside of the EU and are departing the EU within 24 hours.

If you are not departing the EU within 24 hours, please follow these step outlined in Option 2 above on your final day of departure from the EU

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