The Horizon Card


Great savings

Tourists can claim sales tax (VAT) back on purchases made in all affiliated stores.

No Paperwork

Eliminates paperwork

The HORIZON Card records details of each purchase – you don’t need to keep receipts and have more time to shop.



Saves time and is easy to use with all information saved on one card.


Discounts & Offers

Cardholders benefit from great discounts and offers. See the Stores & Discounts section for details.

Get your card

You can also get a card from any of the participating stores, from your tour operator, or through our Fexco Tax Free Shopping App.

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Register your card

We recommend you register your card as soon as you receive it

  • Faster claim
  • Keep track of your savings even if your card is lost or stolen.
  • Update your account online.

You can register your FEXCO HORIZON card in 4 ways:

  1. 1Online at Click REGISTER YOUR CARD and simply follow the steps.
  2. 2Using the Shop Tax Free Smartphone App
  3. 3At the FEXCO Kiosks in the departure areas at Dublin, Shannon or Cork Airports.
  4. 4After you return home, claim your refund and complete the requested information on this website.

Register your card


What is VAT / Sales Tax?


VAT/sales tax is already included in the price of your purchase. This VAT/sales tax is charged by the Irish Government at 23% of the net price of the goods (equivalent to 18.70% of the gross value). Under the Retail Export Scheme, non EU residents are entitled to claim back their VAT/sales Tax on goods they export from the EU.

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Am I Eligible?

If you are a non-EU resident you may be eligible to shop tax free in Ireland.

Shopping Bags

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Download the App

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The Tax Free Shopping App from FEXCO makes it even easier to use the HORIZON Card.