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What is VAT / Sales Tax?

VAT is 23% of the net and 18.70% of the gross goods value.


VAT / Sales Tax is already included in the price of your purchase. This VAT / Sales Tax is charged by the Irish Government at over 18.70% of the gross value of the goods. Under the Retail Export Scheme, non EU residents are entitled to claim their VAT / Sales Tax on goods they export from the EU. In addition, in certain shops you can have the VAT / Sales Tax deducted at the point of sale, just ask in store.

For more information on the goods you can claim on see FAQs.

VAT (Value Added Tax) in Ireland is charged at 23% for any items covered under the VAT reclaim scheme.


If an item has a Retail Selling Price of €123, this is calculated as follows: Pre-VAT cost is €100, add VAT at 23% = €23, Retail Selling Price = €123.

Calculate the VAT:


*VAT is a 23% Sales Tax added to the net price of an item. Therefore the VAT component on any item is 18.70% of the retail selling price of the item. All VAT reclaimed using the Horizon Card is subject to a processing fee. See Terms & Conditions for details.